On Who I Am

On Who I Am

So here I sit listening to the boy snoring while I say goodbye to another all too fleeting weekend.  It was a nice few days that were well spent above tree line tackling some of the questionable roads above 11,000 feet in elevation we have around here.  Irregardless, now cometh the latest and greatest edition of the diatribe.

I got to thinking this weekend…I haven’t properly introduced us.  Oh there’s the short and uninspiring words in the about section but it still doesn’t answer the question for all of you.  Who am I.  Really.

For starters, I’m not an I.  There are four of us in this particular branch of the Dooley clan.  There’s the two-year-old (AKA Boo Bear), who is fighting sleep even as I type.  There’s the boy (AKA The Boy), who at nine years old thinks he’s 20 and should be allowed to act as such.  There’s my wife (AKA The Muffin), who thankfully takes care of pretty much every aspect of our existence and documents this monumental task through some very handy camera work.  She also keeps me in check and for that we should all be grateful.

Then there’s me.  Now, I’m not trying to be elusive but there’s not much I am particularly willing to share about me.  Do I have religious beliefs?  I have a very strong opinion on the matter, but I have no interest in sharing it here.  Do I have political views?  I have some very strong political views, but I will try my best to always leave them out of this page.  What do I do for a living?  Well let’s just say that I have a very polarizing job.  What color am I?  If that’s important to you then you should just go ahead and close this screen and forget you ever saw this page.  My feelings won’t be hurt.

Why all the secrecy?  It’s simple really: I think we all need a break from this unhealthy focus on politics, religion, race, and things that people like me do for a living that seems to be an epidemic in America.  If I can help even one person accomplish this by scrawling out some random thoughts on to the ol’ interwebs then I have accomplished much.

Am I avoiding conflict by not addressing these very topics that far too many of us base our entire identity on?  No, no I am not.  It’s more that I want this page to reflect what honestly matters to me and mine.  If you are a diehard Demopublican churchgoing atheist…I don’t care.  Please don’t take that as a crass and arrogant statement, but I honestly don’t care.

Share things with us that make your life fun and exciting.  Tell us the places you’ve been, things you’ve seen, things you’ve done, or joy that you’ve found out there in the wide, wide world.  Share these things with us because that’s what really matters in life and that’s exactly what I plan to do here.  Besides, I’m always looking for ideas for our next grand adventure.




2 thoughts on “On Who I Am

  1. I am really enjoying your blog. Please keep it going. It is so nice to see a family doing family things together. So many of our problems are a result of the breaking down of the family unit. I pray that others reading your blog see what I see in it. “Family is everything.” Keep going!!!


  2. You are quite the writer and love your sharing on this blog. The Boy will really appreciate it one day. Your family is very exceptional and I look forward to reading all about your adventures. Forge on👍🏻


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