On The Joys of Adulthood

Good afternoon America!  You’ll have to forgive me for my lack of activity lately.  Some form of horrifying illness has befallen our Mini-Ponderosa and even I was not immune from falling victim to its evil clutches.  I think we are all on the mend and I’m pretty sure our lungs are still intact even though we did our best to cough them out.

This has been a historically  busy time of year for our little branch of the Dooley tree and this year has proven to be no more mellow than others.  The frantic preparations for winter that were procrastinated all summer have gotten underway.  Planning for the Boo Bear’s 3rd birthday party is about finished.  The last fall colors trips are taking place (though a broken part on the undercarriage of the Jeep has put future voyages on temporary hold).  So as I sit here pecking away, watching the first snow of the season fall, all I can say is:  “Irregardless, now cometh the latest and greatest edition of the Diatribe!”

Don’t be this guy:af8

Be more like him:adulting-300x300

I keep hearing this phrase going around lately: “I’m not adulting today”.  You have got to be kidding me!  Your adulthood is not something you can slip on and off like some old worn out sweatshirt.  The responsibilities and privileges that come to you after your 18th trip around the sun are yours to own…even when it sucks.  You have to own it, and live up to it.  Here’s a shocker: People count on you and they can’t wait for you to slip back into adulthood so you can face the hard realities of life.

What are these realities?  Here’s a short and certainly not all inclusive list:  If you borrowed money you have to pay it back…don’t expect anyone to do it for you and don’t get in over your head.  If you have a job then go to it…calling in sick because your weekend was too rough should never be considered acceptable.  If you have kids…spend time with them, love them, and do everything you can to give them every opportunity to be successful in this old world (Note: buying them all the stuff they want is not what I mean).  Focus less on what others think of you…if you make the right and responsible decision then it really doesn’t matter what others think.  Make the hard decisions and stick to them… even when others call you less than flattering names.  Don’t settle…but don’t expect anything to be given to you.  Strive to better yourself…but remember that no one owes you anything.  Period.

Look America, we have got to bring back some parts of our forefathers.  There are plenty of things that should be left in the dusty old corners of the yesteryears, but some things need to shine through again.  Things like:

Personal responsibility.  Own your successes and failures.  Stop looking to blame someone, some politician (or political group), race, religion, or any of 1000 other scapegoats we are bombarded with in the “news”.

Hard work.  Yes, even at that crap job.  Work your buns off at that job you hate!  What if it doesn’t pay enough?  What it it’s not glorious work?  What if you’re not appreciated?  SO WHAT!  If you work hard, are dedicated, and reliable there’s a better chance that you will move up, or to another job that is better, then if you are sitting on your tail.  You dang sure won’t get too far standing in a protest line demanding more pay.  Why?  Because there’s a line of people behind you that are willing to work, and draw that same paycheck, while they look to better themselves and will be thrilled at the opportunity to do so.

Be self-reliant.  You cannot fully embrace being an adult until you take this step.  Now I’m the first to understand that disasters happen in people’s lives and they need to have something to fall back on.  I don’t care who or what you are; you see people taking advantage of a system that cannot support them and certainly will not advance them towards meaningful life goals.  They should stop immediately.

Ok, I should probably step off of my soapbox before I fall and break a hip.  I hope you understand what I’m trying to get at.  I’m not running anyone down, I’m calling no group any names, and I would never suggest that we are entitled to anything someone else has earned.  I’m simply saying that we can do better but it’s going to be a lot of work and less instant gratification.  I’ve carefully scrutinized the contract I signed with life back on the day I turned 18 and I did not see any verbiage that promised adulthood would be fun or easy.  Check yours.

I could rant on about this topic for at least another couple thousand words but I will spare any who have managed read thus far before calling me names and blocking me.  For those that have stuck with me on this rant; please never forget this part: Being an adult should also be a whole lot of fun!  No one should aspire to be the fun hater that yells at the neighbor kids and squirrels for being in his yard.  No one likes that guy.  Be the adult that loves life, and enjoys it to the fullest within your means.

Celebrate the things that make adulting fun!  Bedtimes are negotiable  You no longer have to eat food you don’t like (I will never eat breaded tomatoes again, Dad!)  You can drink, gamble, watch R rated movies, and rent your own car.  Also, one of my personal favorites, you get say “Because I’m your parent.  That’s why!”  You also get to make decisions that your parents won’t, or wouldn’t, like.  But the Muffin and I are pretty good at keeping those kind of secrets from them.

Have a great week America!  The countdown to our trip to Kentucky and Tennessee has almost wound down to zero.  I look forward to sharing some of our memories and stories with you.  I can’t imagine travelling across the country on an oppressively crowded jet, then driving around in unfamiliar cities in a clown car with two kiddos and the Muffin won’t create a few new tales that are worth repeating.

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