On Politics and Children

Now just hold on a second!  I fully plan to stick to my word and keep politics (well at least political views) out of my blog.  This is just a little run down of things I’ve observed over the course of the past few political seasons.

Well we’ve officially wrapped up another week here in our little mountain oasis.  There was some travelling, some family visiting, and plenty of work happened around here.  It was nice to get out of town, if only for a night.  Plus, as a side benefit, I learned that when a hotel says “mountain view room”, sometimes they mean a view of the roof and a piece of plywood.  But to be fair, if you strained hard enough, you could see a sliver of hillside.  Irregardless, now cometh the latest and greatest edition of the Diatribe!


I’ve noticed an odd correlation between politicians and children.  Earth shattering I know, but stick with me for a few minutes.  It’s my opinion that politicians act like children.  I’m not talking about that child that is a delight to raise, never argues, never lies, never throws a sibling under the bus for personal gain.  No, no, no…I’m talking about that kid that you dread sitting anywhere near in public.  The child that throws food on you in a restaurant while giving you the thousand yard stare.  The child that screams for the entire flight.  The child that will pick at their siblings until the war erupts.  THAT is the little feral child that politicians remind me of.

They all spend ridiculous amounts of money telling us why the other one is a turd of a human being.  This is bickering.  Do they spend that money making a positive difference in a single person’s life?  Well unless you own a political think-tank, a media outlet, or are a consultant (even if it’s because you say you are an expert) then NO.  No they will not better anyone’s life with that copious amount of cash.  Instead, they choose to dump money to simply drag up everything that makes the person worse than them.

Whoa!  Think about that for a moment.  They are just telling us what makes the other person worse than them.  Not why they are better, why they legitimately can perform their public service better than the other…it’s why the other is worse.

Who funds this little sibling rivalry?  Well it is donors who are so wealthy that most of us cannot even fathom that type of wealth, and then there is the common citizen.  That poor person that hopes that their $20 donation will actually go to something worthwhile.  It saddens me that their hard earned money is squandered to help fuel the billion dollar (my god that’s billion with a “b”) media circus.

Are there other parallels between politics and children?  Watched a debate recently?  Here’s my favorite one: tell a lie repeatedly and that will make it true.  I witnessed this exact line of thinking from one of the wee Dooley’s this week.  “Did you clean your room?” I was assured repeatedly that his little sty was clean.  I was accused of never believing the child.  I was scolded for being a doubting Thomas.  But the nonsense stopped when I opened the door and saw for myself.

Oh goodness, another point.  It is up to each and every one of us to open up those doors made of smoke and mirrors and look at the truth for ourselves.  Ok, please stop using social media for your sole source of “news”.  The garbage that comes out of Facebook  makes the political party bull feces look like the gospel according to Matthew.  If you think that’s the source of fair, honest, and balanced reporting on issues…you might be part of the problem.  But here’s the problem: where do you get the truth?  The media is slanted, the internet is chock full of lies (or worse: slanted lies), and Encyclopedia Brittanica is out of print.  Due your leg-work, dig for the truth, question everything, and use that grey matter between your ears for something other than stuffing.

Now we, as voting age adults, should not be like single track minded children that are laser focused on opening the big package under the Christmas tree.  This is a hard concept for FAR TOO MANY of us.  We must stop voting party lines!  You cannot tell me that the offered ConstiDemoPublican candidate is always superior to the person from the other party.  It is not possible.  Period.  Send the message to the parties that we will only accept the best possible candidate, and if that party doesn’t offer the best candidate we will not vote for that person.  We deserve the best.  The very future of our country is at stake here.

Dooley, are you jaded?  No.  I’ll still vote and I will hope for the best.  I can promise you that my vote will not be down the side of my chosen political party.  I may be a member of an extremely minute minority, but I will vote for the best.  Not the best for my party, not for the person that the party official said that you should vote for, but the best for our country.

There are other parallels (name calling, temper tantrums, refusing to play nice with others, etc) that I could bring up but I think you get the point.  I’ll finish by saying this:  Our collective future is more important that party politics.  Vote for the best.  If not for yourself, for the sake of our future generations.

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