On Our Next Family Adventure

Good afternoon!  This has been a mixed bag of a week around the ol’ Mini Ponderosa.  The Colorado winter cold finally broke (a good thing) and it brought rain to the valley (a very disconcerting thing).  I’ve been here a long time and I don’t remember rain in February….ever.  Usually when the cold finally breaks we can expect highs in the 20s and lows that are only a few degrees below zero.  To see highs that are almost 50?  Well that’s just 1189A Princess Bride reference?!  Absolutely!  Hands down one of the better movies ever made.  If you don’t agree, then you have never watched the film.  I digress.  Now, where was I?  Oh yeah:  Mud season will suck and Irregardless, now cometh the latest and greatest edition of the Diatribe!

So the plane tickets are bought, the hotel is booked, and our Representative has been contacted.  Yes, the Dooley Clan is bound for Washington D.C.  No, we are NOT going to join a single solitary protest while we are there.  Not.  A.  Single.  One.

I’m running through the list:  Hotel?  Check.  Insanely early flight out of Denver?  Check.  Reservations made for Capitol and White House tours?  Check.  Rental car?  Nope.

Wait, what? No rental car?  What in the name of all that is precious and holy am I thinking?!  Now normally I have some prepared remarks that I can wax on eloquently about to sway you to my way of thinking.  But not this time.  I have no convincing argument to proffer that will cause you to believe I am making a sound decision here.  We are relying on public transportation.  With no backup car plan.

Please understand that the Dooley’s are a travelling people.  More specifically we are automobile travelling people.  Almost like modern day gypsies without the questionable morals and suspect personal hygiene.  We are known as the type that will jump into our favorite truck or Jeep and take off with a moments notice.  Yesterday, for example, we decided to make a two hour round trip to go look at doors.  We were on the road in 19 minutes.  The dog was put up, and a wife, two kids, and a friend were loaded into the truck in 19 minutes.  That must be some kind of dad record.  Every dad out there has stood at the door and yelled “Oh my God, let’s go!” so you know what an incredible feat this was.

Every one has told me that a car is really not needed in D.C.  I’ve never been there so they could be absolutely correct in their assertion that I don’t “need” a car.  However, I cannot shake the feeling that I “want” a car.  What if I want to take us somewhere other than walking distance from a train stop?  Never mind the fact that there is NOTHING we have planned that is more than a quarter of a mile from the closest train stop.

My mind is swirling with contriving ways to convince my wallet that I definitely need a car to leave parked in the hotel’s overpriced parking lot on the nonexistent chance that we could need to drive somewhere.  Oh America wouldn’t that be a glorious moment for me though?  Picture it:  I triumphantly lead my family across the asphalt to their waiting chariot.  The family would be in awe of my foresight!  Dad saved the trip by having this wonderful rental car ready for our adventure away from the train stations!

Yes, that’s actually how my mind works.

We will only be there for five days so I think I will be able to manage the total lack of windshield time.  I don’t think solely using public transportation will become a thing for me.  I’m not a hippy after all.  I’m kidding.  I will be too occupied making sure we don’t get mugged, or have one of our kidneys stolen, to worry too much about driving my bargain basement Kia rental car.

Besides, the folks that advised me not to get a car might be on to something.  This looks slightly less than awesome to try and navigate:



I’ll let you know how the trip goes and how badly I suffer from unleaded withdrawals while we are there.  Wish us luck!

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