On Where the H-E-Double Hockey Sticks Have I Been!

Good afternoon, America!  So I’ve gotten this question more than a few times recently.  People have asked if I’ve dropped my blog, if I just publish them in some secret corner or the dark web, if I have kidnapped by some nefarious criminal organization and forced to regale some underworld crime boss with my wit and snappy comments…well you get the idea.

Sadly, it’s been none of the above.  I come to you for a second time to ask for forgiveness for my sorrowful lack of communication.  I have simply been:  busy.  There are some big changes on the horizon for my little branch of the Dooley family tree and we have been running full tilt preparing for them.  I’ll share it with you when the time is appropriate.  I promise.

Further, I have so much to share with you when I sit down and catch up on back issues of the ol’ Diatribe.  We’ve travelled to the East Coast, I’ve been yelled at by Secret Service, I may or may not have shouted at a crazy guy in front of the Supreme Court building while on camera, I watched the boy slurp down his first raw oyster (and yes it even stayed down), and we are currently engaging him in a scavenger hunt to figure out what our travel destination is next week and so much more.

For now I’m actively engaged in the more exciting aspects of adulthood.  I’m working on our sprinkler system, I’m trying to adjust to a new work shift, and getting ready for a fight with the insurance company (glad I pay them my blood money every month so they can pay for precisely squat).

I’ll be back, and I’ll share some of our harebrained and spontaneous adventures with you soon.  Until then I implore you to keep following us and sharing the blog with others.

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